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Hannington's village pub was originally called The Wellington Arms, since it sits on land that once belonged to estate of the Duke of Wellington.

The pub was also known locally as The Shepherd's Crook and Shears but the name was officially changed to The Vine Inn in 1960, after The Vine and Craven Hunt whose kennels are nearby.

About Hannington

Hannington is a small, picturesque village on the Hampshire Downs between Basingstoke and Newbury.

The village and its pub are a very popular stop for cyclists and walkers; the Wayfarer's Walk passes along the edge of the village and there are many more footpaths and bridlepaths through the spectacular surrounding countryside.

White Hill, which lies just outside Hannington on the Wayfarer's Walk, offers some outstanding views across the Hampshire countryside.

A brisk walk along the footpath and you will find yourself in Hannington, just in time to quench your thirst and grab a bite to eat at The Vine!

Some parts of the village's church, All Saints, date back to the 11th Century and there are many other listed buildings in the village.

Every two years, the village hosts a country fair and barbeque where you can see everything from maypole dancing to ferret racing!

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